Using high quality equipment and materials, the professional service providers of Revitalize Services can handle almost any cleaning assignment, on a timely and cost-efficient basis. Whether it’s a medical office, a warehouse or anything in between; we’re the people to call.

In addition, we can compliment your clean facilities with state of the art, guaranteed performance, food and beverage vending machines.

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Revitalize Services can provide the highest quality commercial cleaning services plus the convenience of the most
technologically advanced, automated food and beverage solutions.

Why You Should Revitalize Your Workplace?

First Impressions Count:

Two of the most important assets of a business are its employees and its customers. It has been proven that a clean, hygienic workplace boosts employee morale, productivity and limits the transmission of communicable diseases such as colds and the flu.

First impressions are crucial to the success of a business. If clients enter the building and see dirty carpets and overflowing trash bins, they may not think the organization is professional enough to do business with; a clean work environment implies superior, quality products and services. A clean and fresh smelling office. gives the impression that the company is professional, organized, and pays close attention to details.

Types of cleaning, how we do it?
Bring in discussion about carpet cleaning, floor care, strip and wax.

Our vending machines are the best in the industry. Technologically advanced, guaranteed to perform and available in a wide range of sizes, with many optional features. We can provide machines on a full service basis, where we provide the machines, monitor performance, keep machines stocked with the food and beverages or your choice. We also offer coffee and water service for our customers.

With the confidence that comes from using the best vending machines; Revitalize Services will provide qualified operators with installed vending machines placed at businesses in their target area. The machines will come with a minimum twelve (12) month placement agreement, 24/7 telemetry monitoring and a comprehensive business plan that comes with product sourcing and pricing suggestions along with all the training that is needed to successfully operate your vending business.


Cleaning the office involves activities such as dry or wet mopping of floors, dusting furniture and walls, emptying trash bins and sanitizing restrooms and food handling areas. The proper completion of those activities will go a long way towards ensuring better quality of the air and overall workplace environment.

Performing those tasks effectively requires the skills of trained people, regardless of your workplace size or configuration. To get the best cleaning service it is critical that you hire a commercial cleaning company. This is because they are professionals and they will guarantee their performance.


Why we do it, Unsanitary workplaces are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. A professional cleaning service will significantly reduce the chance of sickness by sanitizing the entire office, including the bathrooms and breakrooms. Hiring a professional cleaning service is critical to achieving this objective. A clean office can also be a part of your marketing strategy because clients will be more inclined to come back to your place of business if the environment is clean, safe and comfortable.



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